• Roasted Multigrain Snacks 130 Gm Cream & Onion

Roasted Multigrain Snacks 130 Gm Cream & Onion

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Material Features for Diet Fils Roasted Multigrain Snack:

  1. Taste the goodness of Diet Fils Snacks which are roasted not fried.Zero transfat helps in promoting heart health.
  2. Loaded with goodness of super grains-Quinoa,Chia,Amaranth,Makhana,Pearl Millet,Gram,Maize,Brown Rice,Ragi and Rice.
  3. Being high in protein,Diet Fils snack is whole grain owing to which its high in dietary fibre. Supports weight loss and overall health.
  4. Being a light snack it is perfect for tea time and evening to avoid binging on junk foods.

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